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2008 Bangkok International Motor Show : Nissan Intima Concept

Car shows in Thailand are basically glorified showroom. Thankfully some of the car makers still get the idea, and offer at least one concept car. At the back of the Nissan display, on a raised revolving platform sat the Nissan Intima concept.

Nissan Intima Image

Some concepts give us some vague idea of what some future cars might look like, but this Intima concept looks like it was the concept that the current Nissan Teana was derived from, but more than likely it points to the next generation Teana, due out this year in Asia, with a Thai launch sometime in 2009.

Nissan Intima Doors

The most outstanding thing about the concept is the doors, which look like the stops are broken allowing them to swing around to allow very easy access for passengers. The rear features suicide doors, that are very unlikely to find their way into production.

Nissan Intima Doors

Also likely to be dropped is the system allowing the passenger seats to swing out of the car which would make climbing in and out of the car a thing of the past. Alas, these sort of things are just not practical to implement in a production model, although you do see this feature in some vans to provide access for the disabled.


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